Why choose us?


TS Pallets, Timber and Packaging offers the perfect combination of professional experience, an extensive product range, uncompromising quality, an efficient logistics system and advanced production technologies – backed by courteous, professional and reliable service.

Experience and professional know-how

Since its establishment in 1988, Tov Shem has become a knowledge center in the field of pallets, packaging and lumber for construction – leading the Israeli market with innovation.

Innovation and personalization

Tov Shem employs state-of-the-art fully automated robotic production lines, equipped with leveling and control systems, to ensure high-quality pallets, perfectly customized to your requirements.

Unmatched quality

All raw materials used in the production of our pallets undergo meticulous quality inspection both abroad and upon arrival in Israel, while all finished products meet the strictest quality standards.

Service and reliability above all

Tov Shem has a nationwide network of collection and distribution centers, and a customer-centric service center providing professional assistance based on over 30 years of knowledge and experience.

Available Inventory

We always take care to have a full range of inventory available for our customers’ needs.

Tov Shem Pooling system

Tov Shem unique pooling system reduces transportation costs, saves time, and allows you to focus on your core business rather than pallet administration and management.

Wide product range

Tov Shem imports, manufactures and markets a huge variety of transportation and packaging products with large quantities of available stock, and custom-manufactures pallets at short notice.

Environmentally friendly

Our unique pooling system reduces wood waste and increases conservation of forests around the world. In addition, Tov Shem rentable pallets have optimal geometries for transportation in truck crates, maximizing number of pallets per journey, reducing unnecessary trips and air-polluting fuel consumption.

About Our Company


TS Pallets, Timber & Packaging is one of the pioneers in the production of wooden pallets in Israel and the leading company in the manufacture and marketing of pallets using a pool-ing system, new wooden pallets, plastic packaging and construction timber.


Our Technology

Tov Shem invests considerable resources in continuous product improvement. The company utilizes new European full robotic production lines, equipped with advanced leveling and control systems, ensuring the production of high-quality, high-precision and highly durable pallets.

Certificates and Accreditation

Tov Shem conforms to ISO 9001:2015, is an authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense, is licensed for disinfection of wooden pallets according to ISPM 15, is licensed to manufacture CP pallets and its registered products.

Pooling System

Tov Shem pooling system is deployed in Israel and in more than 50 countries worldwide. Clients rent pallets for one-time use, send their merchandise to customers, then Tov Shem collects the pallets and returns them to the factory for refurbishment and reuse.


Tov Shem Pooling System is an environmentally-friendly approach that promotes reuse of pallets and leads to enormous savings of natural resources – for the benefit of future generations.