Certificates and accreditation

At Tov Shem we take an uncompromising stance on product quality, provenance and longevity. As such, the company holds a variety of certifications, standards and quality features:

  • International Quality Standard ISO 9001: 2015
  • An authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense.
  • License to disinfect wooden surfaces ISPM 15
  • Owned by T.S. Registered Trademarks.
  • License to manufacture CP chemicals
  • Membership in the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce

Raw materials

Durable, high-quality products that stand the test of time are based on quality raw materials. As a leader in its field, Tov Shem imports its raw materials from the best sawmills in the world – carefully selected by a team of experts, after meeting Tov Shem exacting quality and reliability requirements. In addition, every shipment of raw materials destined for T.S. plants must undergo a rigorous inspection by a company representative before it has even left its country of origin.



Tov Shem markets wood pallets for rent using the pooling system. This method encourages the use of pallets standardized by size, quality and durability, reduces the need for new pallets and contributes to preservation of natural resources.

Standardization of pallet dimensions allows you to more efficiently utilize storage space in truck crates, reduce product damage, reduce number of trips, save fuel, reduce unnecessary air pollution, and streamline workflow across the entire operations and distribution chain.