We’ve been supplying products to many industries since 1986


Israeli agriculture is a national pride based on quality. As active suppliers in this industry we are committed to providing outstanding product quality and service. The company’s products include wooden pallets for local use, new wooden pallets for export customized to customer specifications and reusable plastic boxes for local use with the pooling system.


The food industry has strict quality and control requirements to ensure sterility. At Tov Shem we take sterility seriously, as reflected in the strict quality of the wood we import and the quality and control standards we have enjoyed over the past 30 years.

Retail chains

The growing Israeli food retail store industry has increasing logistics and transportation needs that require more efficient and reliable means of transportation. We are very proud of our commercial cooperation with marketing chains, and in this way, we manage to save the retail store chains and their suppliers a lot of money, and make the ongoing work safer and more cost effective! The company manufactures and leases wooden pallets, foldable plastic boxes and a wide range of One Touch packages.


The Israeli Ministry of Defense is dedicated to quality and sets strict threshold conditions for its suppliers. The quality of our products has been checked and found to be in compliance with the quality and control requirements of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. We are proud to be one of the few to have earned the title of “Authorized Supplier to the Ministry of Defense”.


The Israeli high-tech industry has a variety of special packaging requirements. Tov Shem has the experience to design and manufacture any packaging required, ensuring customers are satisfied with the products they receive and ensuring the safe and efficient transport of goods.


Tov Shem produce and sell high quality wooden pallets for the industrial sector, covering production of consumer products, such as food, cement, clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber and plastics, cosmetics, iron and more. We are licensed to manufacture CP chemicals

Service, Reliability &Quality

are our guiding values at T.S.